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We are a company specialized in GeneralĀ  remodeling and repair services, residential and commercial, we can do from the project design, in collaboration with our client, to the complete execution of the work, we can also take care of the entire process, from permits and documents for approval of the city hall, until the execution of the works, always in constant and transparent communication with the client. We carry out new works, rehabilitation of buildings, and carrying out reforms of all kinds, with extraordinary design and quality. Square Feet Contractor’s work area is centered in mercer county New Jersey. Sqft contractor collaborates with the best companies in the sector and has the necessary alliances to carry out any home improvement.



General Home Remodeling

We are Home improvement company, specializing in interior and exterior remodeling, General Remodeling Contractor, plumbing and electrical services

Finished Basement

We give life to that dark and forgotten space in your house, finishing basement, remodel basement, we include Building, Electrical and Plumbing permit WE ALSO INCLUDE 3D plans

Water Damage Repair

Water damage is no longer a problem, we will leave your house, your basement, your ceiling, your office, or your business as new, you will leave behind your sadness. The Joy and comfort will return to your property

Multi-Family Condos

We carry out all types of property maintenance, apartments, multi-family,

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

We make each phase as simple and quick as possible to give you the Bathroom remodel of your Dreams, Each Kitchen remodel has a different flavor, 3D design incluided.

General Home Repair and Maintenance

We make any type of repair on your property, complying with the codes and standards of New Jersey, write us or talk to us about your project

Painting Professional Services

We offer professional services in residential and commercial painting, inside and outside the property

Commercial Remodeling services

Build update or rebuild your perfect workspace! OFFICE & RETAIL REMODELING, we provide full-service remodeling and renovations for commercial buildings and offices